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Savannah, Georgia, is such a magnificent, history city! At night, some streets can be empty of tourists which really lets them show their historic charm. Here’s some photos I took along the historic Savannah riverfront. All of these photos were taken on a tripod with a long shutter speed.

Sometimes, you don’t have to go far to get a glimpse of the milky way. This photo was taken in front of the boat dock at my grandparent’s camp, on the Seneca River. Using a fisheye lens helped to get most of the sky into the photo, and a shallow depth of field and high…

As part of my commission for the Onondaga Historical Society, and the “Bridges of Onondaga County” exhibit, I traveled to the Nine Mile Creek Aqueduct in Camillus, NY to take some images. The aqueduct is actually a “water  bridge”, that allows boats to travel along the Erie Canal where is crosses over Nine Mile Creek….

My hometown of Baldwinsville, NY has an interesting steel truss bridge called the Seneca River Bridge that crosses over the Seneca River in the middle of town. During the summer and through fall, the village illuminates the bridge and river with powerful color changing lights. What a great opportunity to try some long exposure times!…

Seneca River Bridge at Night - Gregory A. DunbarMarch 16, 2016 - 10:20 pm