Nine Mile Creek Aqueduct

As part of my commission for the Onondaga Historical Society, and the “Bridges of Onondaga County” exhibit, I traveled to the Nine Mile Creek Aqueduct in Camillus, NY to take some images. The aqueduct is actually a “water  bridge”, that allows boats to travel along the Erie Canal where is crosses over Nine Mile Creek. My first image was taken just before sunset:

Nine Mile Creek Aqueduct, Camillus NY

Nine Mile Creek Aqueduct, Camillus NY

[exif id=”84″]

It actually shows both waterways, and how the Erie Canal crosses over top of Nine Mile Creek. The image was taken with a tripod and a soft graduated ND filter, standing on top of one of the concrete support columns of the Aqueduct.

A short time later, it was dark. It was time to stand along Nine Mile Creek below the Aqueduct and try some Painting with Light. Painting with Light is the technique of using a long shutter speed with the camera on a tripod, while using a flashlight to literally paint light onto the landscape. The result came out great!

Nine Mile Creek Aqueduct at Night, Camillus NY

Nine Mile Creek Aqueduct at Night, Camillus NY

[exif id=”86″]
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