Fabius Dandelions, May 2014

While driving North of the village of Fabius on Route 91,  my wife spotted a field that was utterly covered in dandelions. We both knew it would make for an interesting image; however the weather was overcast and I wanted the Sun shining and lighting those dandelions up.

The next day was partly cloudy and perfect; we returned to the same field hoping the dandelions weren’t mowed down, and to our relief, they weren’t.

Fabius Dandelions

“Fabius Dandelions I”

    Aperture: ƒ/22 Focal length: 17mm ISO: 100 Shutter speed: 1/10s

Fabius Dandelions II

“Fabius Dandelions II”

    Aperture: ƒ/22 Focal length: 22mm ISO: 100 Shutter speed: 1/15s


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Fabius Dandelions - Gregory A. DunbarMarch 16, 2016 - 10:23 pm