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From April 14 – June 24, 2017 in Syracuse, NY was the first Chinese Lantern Festival, and I had the opportunity to view the amazing lights and colors of the Chinese lanterns. Below was my favorite, a giant dragon.  

Savannah, Georgia, is such a magnificent, history city! At night, some streets can be empty of tourists which really lets them show their historic charm. Here’s some photos I took along the historic Savannah riverfront. All of these photos were taken on a tripod with a long shutter speed.  

Normally I only take photos of landscapes and nature, but while traveling through Covington Virginia, I couldn’t help but take a photo of this huge manufacturing plant. Owned by WestRock, this enormous plant truly dominates the city of Covington. It’s almost as if this facility itself should be named “Covington”.    

Sometimes when you are photographing a certain subject matter, it’s best to look at the surroundings. What makes this image work for me is not the lit Christmas tree in Clinton Square itself, but a combination of the tree and it’s reflection in the freshly resurfaced ice.